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FALLIN’: New short story!

Things are moving at Caleido Comics, since we’re working on a couple of new short stories. Here’s a preview of “Fallin'”, written by me with artwork by Kundo Krunch.

Not a bad inception, right?!

Quick updates

EVIL WANNABES art by J.C. Grande

This is the next page of Evil Wannabes, that’ll be up, colored and lettered, in a few days.

And these are previews of the other projects we’re working on:

DIAMOND art by Kundo Krunch

TRUE LIFE art by Keith Perkins

FALLIN art by Kundo Krunch, colors by Josh Deitch

And these are the link for all these great artists’ webpages:

J.C. Grande

Kundo Krunch

Keith Perkins

Josh Deitch

Check them!


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