November 1st, 2010



“When the dead won’t stay dead and threaten the existence of the world itself, Laluelles are our only line of defense. Spirits who don’t make it to the afterlife choke the planet and slowly kill anything living around them.”

Writer: David Pinckney
Artist: Shannon Manor, Moe Balinger, Timaree Zadel
Cover Artist: Shannon Manor, Timaree Zadel

Letterist: Me!

You can read a preview of this funny and evocative series published by 215 Inks clicking the image below!


“She is tough as nails, carries a 1851 Navy Colt strapped on her thigh and then rides a raptor, into the sunset. Her name is “Da’kota”, a Amazonian Bounty Hunter of the 23rd century, a new comic book series published by What the Flux Comics, created and drawn by Terry Pavlet, written by Debra Joseph.” And lettered by me!

Read Terry Hooper of Comic Bits Online review clicking the illustration below:

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At any given moment, there are between 20 and 50 active serial killers operating within the United States. When they can’t be caught, a Stand-In is created to take their place. Deacon Sands is a Stand-In. But Deacon is also something more than human, as his creators are about to find out!

Ghost Lines; written by Mark Bertolini, illustrated by Carl Yonder, lettered by me.

Published by Creator’s Edge Press.


Click the cover below to get a copy now!




Take a look at Comic Buzz’s  review for Red Angel, the new steampunk project I’ve lettered for What The Flux Comics.

You can also read a few pages of this comic featuring gorgeous model Amy Vitale, written by Erin Pyne and illustrated by Russ Leach, clicking on the logo below:





EDGE OF THE UNKNOWN collected edition

Brian Cronin at CBR on Edge Of The Unknown:

“Imagine if H.P. Lovecraft was not making up all of his stories…imagine if there WERE terrible creatures like Cthulu out there? That possibility is at the heart of Edge of the Unknown, collecting Jon Vinson and Marco Roblin’s mini-series of the same name (I reviewed the first two issues here a couple of years ago), where we see what happens when it turns out that Lovecraft’s creation, the demon Nyarlathotep, actually exists.”

EDGE OF THE UNKNOWN, written by Jon Vinson, drawn by Marco Roblin and lettered by me is now available on Indy Planet. Click on the image below and get a copy now!



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